Marketing automation for brand partnerships.

Slyce is the only brand ambassador platform that provides your team with end-to-end workflow, analytics, and valuation tools



Forget communicating with your brand ambassadors through the chaos of email, text messages and Dropbox links.

Welcome to end-to-end workflow that just works. Manage every step of social media and content requests with your ambassadors when you are distributing content for posting or asking them to be the creators!



We understand how time consuming it can be to track every ambassador, measure the effectiveness of every post, and iterate in real time.

With Slyce Insights, you will discover value through robust data highlighting contractual compliance, ambassador behavior and real-time social analytics.



At the end of the day, what matters most is understanding the real value of your ambassadors’ posts. Slyce scans every ambassador social post for brand logos, @mentions and #hashtags, then uses our proprietary algorithm to calculate attribution quality and earned media value.

Slyce tracks and displays this data for all your ambassadors’ brand-related posts, regardless if they were created through Slyce.


Nurture relationships with your brand ambassadors; share authentic stories with millions

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I’ve seen branded content from every side of the table and nothing compares to Slyce. Their approval process and insights make it effortless to track the effectiveness of each post I approve for every brand partner.
— SC30 Inc: Jeron S., Chief Marketing Officer
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Slyce allows us to engage brand ambassadors at scale, while preserving the integrity of the campaign and message. Each activity is tracked, creating a feedback loop that helps optimize performance in real-time.
— Under Armour: Corey N., Digital Marketing & Consumer Engagement Director
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Slyce is a valuable asset for our brand in tracking and streamlining our ambassador campaigns; it allows us to be more effective in delivering and prompting social content, and enables our ambassadors to post easily - from nearly anywhere - to help the brand stay relevant in sharing impactful and meaningful content.
— Krave Jerky: Christina Blaisdell, Digital Marketing Manager

Workflow that works: seamlessly manage brand partnerships with your entire team, agencies, and brand ambassadors